Pong Phone

Win faster as you can and get bonus points. Challenge your friends with Game Center!

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iSlot Car Racer

compete against yourself,
beat the lap time
and race time too.

Krypter X

Krypter performs routine file encryption.
With an effortless drag and drop using the application's tiny interface, it's easy to successfully encrypt files.


The EquiDietometro is a proprietary tool of Equidiets, which allows you to determine the diet better adapted to the individual needs of your animal. Only Italy AppStore.


Controlla lo stato delle riparazioni - Y2k Shop

Y2kshop.it il punto vendita per il tuo Apple, PC o Smartdevice. Centro riparazioni e Eprice Pick and Pay Apple Reseller.

Finally Dietometro App in Apple Store iPhone/iPad

EquiDietometro was today made available as Dietometro © App downloadable from the App Store of Apple Inc. to get an immediate initial assessment of the needs of the basis of our horse on the iPhone and iPad. After the success of use of the web app, we wanted to extend the 'reach' of Equidietometro encouraging their use in the field by means of 'smart devices', now with the iPhone and iPad and later on Android


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